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Electroluminescence EL and Electrochemoluminescence ECL

higher secondary education


Construction and operation of an OLED (organic light emitting diode) consisting of an emitting layer made of a semi-conducting polymer, an anode made of FTO glass (or FTO-PET-sheet) and a cathode made of galinstan


Construction and operation of an ECL cell using a ruthenium phenanthroline complex as an emitter, electrodes with platinated nickel foils (razor foils) and EDTA as sacrificial donor


Construction and operation of an electrochemical cell made of an half-cell like in V2 and a half-cell with luminol in alkaline solution - simultaneous emission of different colors on both electrodes.

Technical Contents: Charge injection from a direct current source into the polymer, diffusion of the charge carriers and recombination of the electron-hole-pairs e-/h+ resulting in the emission of a photon; generation of electronically excited state in a ruthenium complex by anodic oxidation (extraction of an electron) followed by electron injection from molecules of the sacrifical donor (EDTA); comparison of EL and ECL with photoluminescence

Scope: Synthetic materials (structure and properties of makro molecular compounds - especially innovative materials); electro chemistry (cold light from emission of photons resulting from electronically and chemically generated excited states) (higher secondary education); physics: efficiency factors of LED’s and OLED’s compared to other light sources


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