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Synthesis of Luminescent Substances

higher secondary education

V1Synthesis of fluoresceine
V2Synthesis of a fluorescence collector made by adding a fluorophor from e.g. a text highlighter added while polymerizing PMMA
V3Effect of a fluorecence collector on a silicium solar cell

Technical Contents:Electrophilic substitution on aromates, radical polymerisation, concentration and color change of the light in a fluorescence collector

Scope: Base reactions of organic chemisty (higher secondary education); Physics: Reflection laws of optics (higher secondary education)


2010Michael W. Tausch; Amitabh Banerji
Funktionelle Farbstoffe
Praxis der Naturwissenschaften - Chemie in der Schule, 59(8):6
2007Michael W. Tausch; Magdalene von Wachtendonk; Claudia Bohrmann-Linde; P. Krollmann; W. Schmitz; J. Wambach
CHEMIE 2000+ Gesamtband mit Kompendium für das Abitur
C.C.Buchner, Bamberg
Michael W. Tausch; F. Gärtner
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