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Photo – Cat (Photo-Catalysis)

Target Audience

  • Chemistry teachers for lower and higher secondary education
  • Students with the goal of becoming chemistry teachers


The experimental kit contains equipment for the following experiments

    • Photocatalytic reduction of the substrate Ethylviologen
    • Oxidation of the reduced substrate with (air)oxygen
    • Reaction cycles to simulate the photosynthesis respiration cycle
    • Conversion and storage of light energy
    • Photoelectrochemical "solar batteries"

    PHOTO-CAT also comes with

    • Worksheets for lower and upper secondary education, didactic notes (contexts, basic concepts, skills and curricular integration) and hazard assessments
      a USB data carrier with the above materials and the solutions to the worksheets: PHOTO-LIKE

    PHOTO-CAT is currently in the testing phase. If you are interested in photo blue bottle equipment for testing, please contact Prof. Dr. M. W. Tausch, University of Wuppertal.