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organic photo electronics

Organic Photo Electronics

Flash animations on the usb disk

organic photo electronics

Target audience

  • Chemistry teachers for lower and higher secondary education
  • Students with the goal of becoming chemistry teachers


The experimental kit contains equipment for the following experiments

  • Construction of an OLED (organic light-emitting diode)
  • Construction of an OPV (organic photovoltaic cell)
  • Investigation of the characteristics of an OLED and an OPV
  • Further experiments with OLEDs and OPVs


The kit also comes with

  • Accompanying booklet with worksheets for lower and higher secondary education, didactic hints (contexts, basic concepts, competences and curricular integration) and risk assessments
  • an USB disk with the contents of the accompanying booklet and
  • interactive animations as well as the solutions to the worksheets

The OPE kit is currently being tested at schools, universities and student laboratories. If you are interested, please contact A.Banerji, University of Potsdam.

Further information is available here.

Video-Tutorials and learning materials regarding OLED and OPV