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Photo & Nano - an Awesome Pair

Photoactive Nanomachines in biological functional units start the visual process within our eyes and photosynthesis in grean leafs. But why are those „photo and nano“? Their fuel, light, can not penetrate deep into the material and is absorbed directly on the surface. For this process are nanostructured materials best suited.

Evolution has created ingenious biometarials of this kind. These usually combine light absorbing species and protein macro molecules. 

Inspired by nature, research in material sciences into analogous material for technical applications is conducted. In these lichtabsorbing molecules are likewise combined with networks made of organic polymers or inorganic ionic latticed into so-called nano-composites.

This innovative type of materials is crucial for examples for photovoltaics or photocatalytics.

In this talk the basic concepts of both these research areas are explained under the motto photo & nano. Experimental acces are demonstrated and conceptually connected to curricular contents in order to apply, deepen and extend.