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From Acrylic Glass to the OLED-display - Conjugated Polymers in Curricular Innovation

Hotspots with particularly relevant contents for "Chemistry with Light" can be found in this thesis on the following pages with the respective contents :

  • p. 7 to p. 17: Electrically conductive polymers - theoretical principles
  • p. 20 to p. 34: Electroluminescence in organic light emitting diodes OLED (theory)
  • p. 40 to p. 68: Construction of OLEDs in multiple versions and their characterization
  • p. 68 to p. 70: Model display with self-made OLED
  • p. 74 to p. 83: Didactic exploration of OLEDs for teaching
  • p. 84 to p. 89: Learning tool as model animation for OLED
  • p. 102 to p. 108: Interdisciplinary extension to the model OLED display

Get the thesis (in German): urn:nbn:de:hbz:468-20120912-143959-3


The thesis at hand addresses the didactic-experimental and didactic-conceptual development of conjungated polymers for the curricular innovation on the example of polymer organic light emitting diodes (PLEDs) as well as their interdisciplinary ties with physics and information technologies. The goals of this thesis are in detail:

  1. The presentation of the current scientific understanding on electroluminescence in OLEDs and the photovoltaic effect in OPV.
  2. a. The development of didactic concise and target group related experiments regarding OLEDs and the realization of a model OLED-display.
    b. The investigation of the usability of the experiments in a school context (class, reserch paper, etc.).
  3. a. Bringing forth elementary processes and structure-characteristic-relationships that are of relevance for the basic understanding of electroluminescence in organic polymers (didactic reduction).
    b. The conceptualization and development of educational models (graphics, animations, etc.) and materials (multimedia modules, work sheets, etc.) regarding the above mentionedbasic principles as means to support the learning process.
  4. The development of a didactical concept for teaching the basic principles in class as well as the development of a concept for the interdisciplinary approach of the subject with reference to physics and information technologies.

A media supplement is part of the thesis that is available in the file area of the online version.