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Photo-Blue-Bottle Demonstration Edition

Photo-Cat Demonstration Edition for experiments with the Photo-Blue-Bottle solution for the production of "green" hydrogen.

Price: 360,- €


  • A chemical mixture (ethyl viologen, proflavin, EDTA) for 500 mL PBB solution
  • 1 g reduction catalyst (5% nano-platinum on alumina)
  • A one-pot cell (50-mL screw-cap jar with hole in the lid, silicone seal, three-way valve and simplified pneumatic collection mechanism for hydrogen)
  • A 450 nm light source with 2 LEDs, mounted on a passive heat sink; power supply via USB power bank, rechargeable via USB power supply (e.g. from cell phone); alternatively, the light source can also be powered directly with a USB power supply; (fabricated by Sahlmann Photochemical Solutions)
  • 1 x 5-mL plastic syringe incl. cannula
  • USB stick with digital media (experimental instructions, videos, worksheets, etc.)
  • A Really Useful Box 4 liters transparent, which contains all equipment

The contents of the set may change. These changes do not affect the functionality of the set.

This set of materials can be used to conduct experiments on the direct photocatalytic production of "green" hydrogen without the detour via photovoltaics and electrolysis. For this purpose, this set contains a reduction catalyst, which can also be used to detect the hydrogen produced. As a powerful light source for blue light, the set contains an LED combination that is operated via an USB power supply. Solar light can be used as an alternative light source.

With the chemicals included in the set, the experiments can be performed up to 20 times. They can be reordered. Teachers will be trained on possible teaching/learning arrangements and lesson plans in lower secondary school and higher secondary school in online meetings and/or by phone.

Additional materials needed for the experiments

  • Chemicals: none (possibly oxygen for mixing in the oxyhydrogen sample with the generated hydrogen).
  • Equipment: stand material, magnetic stirrer, beakers, lift platform

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