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Photoluminescence - Color by Emission of Light (German Voice-Over)

Whether it is the white T-shirt that glows in the disco or the digits of the clock that glow in the dark after irradiation with light, most people know the phenomena of fluorescence and phosphorescence from everyday life. What many do not know is that modern lamps such as fluorescent tubes, energy-saving lamps and LEDs make use of these two phenomena.This educational film examines the causes of fluorescence and phosphorescence. For this purpose, experiments are carried out in the laboratory and the processes are explained on an atomic level. In order to give the viewer an insight into the practical usability, the topic of modern lamps will be examined in more detail.

Special thanks for their support:

  • Bergische Univeristät Wuppertal
  • N. Meuter
  • The team of Prof. Dr. Buether
  • Golfing Underground Wuppertal
  • OBI Markt Wuppertal
  • Grand Etude/von Dag Reinbott ( )
  • TRICAST Wuppertal

An educational film by: Patrick Klein / Philipp Schwarz
Concept: Prof. Dr. Michael Tausch / Nico Meuter
Script: Nico Meuter / Patrick Klein / Philipp Schwarz
Camera: Friedhelm Büchele / Patrick Klein
Voice Over: Patrick Klein

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