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Photo-Blue-Bottle Basic Edition

Photo-Cat Base Edition for experiments with the Photo-Blue-Bottle solution on the photosynthesis/respiration cycle.

Price: 196,- €


  • Two chemical mixtures (ethylviologen, proflavin, EDTA) for 500 mL PBB solution each
  • One class set of small equipment (32 4-mL screw cap vials, 32 pipettes, 32 steel screw electrodes, 32 6-mL snap cap vials with perforated lids, 16 electrolyte bridges made of PVC tubing and filter paper)
  • One LED flashlight (Ledlenser T2 QC High Performance Line) with RED, GREEN, BLUE, and WHITE lights.
  • A USB flash drive with digital media (experimental procedures, videos, worksheets, etc.)
  • A Really Useful Box 4 liters transparent, which contains all the equipment.

The contents of the set may change. These changes do not affect the functionality of the set.

This allows the experiments on the photosynthesis/respiration cycle and the conversion of light into chemical energy during photosynthesis to be conducted as student experiments in up to 16 groups of two. Only one experiment, which requires the LED flashlight with different colors, can only be performed as a demo version.

With the chemicals included in the set, the experiments can be performed up to 50 times. They can be reordered. Teachers will be trained about possible teaching/learning arrangements and lesson plans for lower secondary school and higher secondary school in online meetings and/or by phone.

Additional chemicals needed for the experiments are:

  • Chemicals: no additional chemicals are needed
  • Light sources: Sunlight, white light e.g. from a cell phone or from an LED flashlight; LED flashlights with different colors like the ones in item 3 can be purchased additionally via retailer
  • Materials: hot plate, cables, alligator clips, digital multimeter, beakers, filter paper

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