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GHS Pictograms

Hydrogen peroxide, w = 30% - DANGER

H318, H412
P280, P305+P351+P338+P310

Sodium carbonate - WARNING

P260, P305+P351+P338

Sodium bicarbonate

Not a dangerous substance according to GHS


Not a dangerous substance according to GHS

0.5 g sodium carbonate and 2 g sodium bicarbonate are dissolved in 100 mL water.

A small spatula tip of Luminol is added and shaken until the Luminol has dissolved. Then add one spatula tip each of copper sulphate and ammonium carbonate and shake again. 1 mL hydrogen peroxide solution, w = 30 %, is added in the dark.

  • A blue-white glow can be observed. Touching the flask with the palm of the hand results in the observation that the reaction mixture doesn't get warm in the process.

To get a green-yellow glow, just add a few flakes of fluoresceine to the Luminol solution prepared above before adding the hydrogen peroyide solution.

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