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High-pressure synthesis and characterization of new gallium- and indium containing borates and didactics research on the topics light, luminescence and LED from the perspective of an inorganic chemist

Hotspots with particularly relevant contents for "Chemistry with Light" can be found in this thesis on the following pages with the respective contents :

  • p. 141 to p. 149: physical basics of light and color
  • p. 177 to p. 183: experiments on color perception
  • S. 195 to p. 195: LED Throwies
  • p. 195 to p. 218 (+worksheets): Workshop "Light, Luminescence, LEDs"

Get the thesis (in German): urn:nbn:at:at-ubi:1-24562


This dissertation combines solid-state research and chemistry didactics. The solid-state part is about fundamental research in the field of high-pressure group 13 element borates. By means of a 1000 t press, two new gallium- and seven new indium borate compounds were synthesized under extreme reaction conditions. Besides several different analysis methods, the main characterization was done via X-ray diffraction. Altogether, this cumulative work yielded nine publications in international journals. The main goal of the didactics part was the development of new experiments and teaching resources regarding the topics light, luminescence and LED. On the basis of these subjects, a workshop of several hours was developed and afterwards tested in a school laboratory.