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Experiments with Light

There is a plethora of chemical experiments where the involvement of light is a central element. Some of them can be found in our daily lives and others are already used in chemistry classes, without emphasizing the involvement of light in these Experiments.

The following list doesn't make claims of being complete, but it covers a broad spectrum on technical contents and scopes for lessons in chemistry.

Lower secondary education

Fluorescent Color
Light Induces Reactions
Light from Chemical Reactions
Flame Coloration by Alkali Metal Compounds


Lower secondary education and higher secondary education

UV-radation, Ozone and Photo Smog
Solar Hydrogen and Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Electrical Energy from Light


Higher secondary education

Photochemichal Radical Chain Reactions
Photochemical and thermical Z-E (cis-trans) Isomerisations
Color by Absorption of Light and by Emission of Light
Synthesis of Luminescent Substances
Photochromism, Solvatochromism, Intelligent Foil
Electroluminescence EL and Electrochemoluminescence ECL
Organic Photovoltaic Cells
Photogalvanic und photoelectrochemical cells with titanium dioxide
Homogeneous photocatalysis in photo-blue-bottle experiments
Heterogeneous photocatalysis
Intermolecular energy transfer