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Electrical Energy from Light

lower secondary education, higher secondary education

V1Conversion from light into electrical energy using a setup that resembles a Daniell element, but has a light-sensitive photo anode made from TiO2, which, in contrast to the zinc anode in the Daniell element, is not degraded and that only works while it is irradiated with light

Technical Contents: Voltage only while the TiO2-electrode is irradiated; This electrode is the negative pole, but doesn't change; Br- ions in solution become Br2

Scope: electrochemical power sources (Sek. I)


Michael W. Tausch; M. von Wachtendonk; Claudia Bohrmann-Linde; Simone Krees
CHEMIE 2000+ Qualifikationsphase
Herausgeber: C.C.Buchner, Bamberg
Michael W. Tausch; Magdalene von Wachtendonk; Claudia Bohrmann-Linde; A. Domrose; S. Krees; P. Krollmann; L. Remus; J. Wambach-Laicher
CHEMIE 2000+ NRW Gesamtband Sek. I
Herausgeber: C.C.Buchner, Bamberg

Michael W. Tausch; Magdalene von Wachtendonk; Claudia Bohrmann-Linde; P. Krollmann; W. Schmitz; J. Wambach
CHEMIE 2000+ Gesamtband mit Kompendium für das Abitur
Herausgeber: C.C.Buchner, Bamberg

Claudia Bohrmann-Linde; Michael W. Tausch
Photogalvanic Cells for Classroom Investigations: A Contribution for Ongoing Curriculum Modernization
Journal of Chemical Education, 80(12):1471
Claudia Bohrmann; M. Twellmann; Michael W. Tausch
Vom galvanischen Element zur Solarzelle
Naturwissenschaften im Unterricht Chemie, 66(6)
Claudia Bohrmann; Michael W. Tausch
Hypermedia-Baustein: Photoelektrochemische Zelle
Praxis der Naturwissenschaften - Chemie in der Schule, 50(7)