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Heterogeneous Photocatalysis

higher secondary education

V1Photocatalytical reduction of methylene blue with TiO2 while nitrogen is bubbling through the solution and reoxidation using air (reversible reactions on the chromophore)
V2photocatalytic oxidation of methylene blue with TiO2 while oxygen is bubbling through the solution (irreversible destruction of the chromophore)
V3Complete mineralisation of tetrachloro ethylene with TiO2 using a selfmade solar reactor and detection of the reaction products CO2(g) und HCl(aq)
V4Photokatalytical water photolysis in two steps using CuCl and TiO2

Technical Contents: energy band model for the function principle of a TiO2 particle as a photocatalyst in a heterogeneous system; photocatalysis as light induced electron transfer; water splitting using light driven photocatalysis

Scope: energetics, catalysis (environmental technology, possible hydrogen production using water photolysis) (higher secondary education); Engineering: Conceptual design and construction of a solar reactor


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