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Conduction of Electricity in Metals, Solutions and Semi-Conductors

The conduction of electricity is explored in virtual experiments and animations on particle level for metals (part 1), solutions (part 2) and semi-conductors (part 3) with and without supplying heat energy.

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© R.-P Schmitz, M. W. Tausch



HTML5 The HTML5-Logo by the W3C is used under the terms of the Creative Commons 3.0 - license.

Flash-Animationen need the adobe flash player to run. The player has been discontinued on 12.01.2021 and is no longer available.

These animations are played back using ruffle. They are played directly within the browser and run platform-independent. Ruffle is used under the terms of the MIT license.

E-Books often need an external program to be displayed correctly. One such possibility is Calibre.

This offers the download of a ZIP file. Flash animations contained therein were exported using a projektor and can be run on a windows operating system.