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Intermolecular Energy Transfer

higher secondary education

V1stimulated fluorescence of merocyanine (generated in situ from spiropyrane using light) by immobilisation in polystyrene (merocyanine in solution doesn't fluoresce)
V2Fluorescence quenching of chlorophyll with β-carotene
V3Protection of chlorophyll against photooxidative degradation under intensitve light in air with β-carotene
V4Increased light yield from chemoluminescence with the help of fluorophors (rubrene, nile red, violanthron and others)

Technical Contents: Quenching of excited states through intermolecular energy transfer (Förster- and Dexter mechanisms in part, if applicable); halflife of singlet and triplet states; quantum yield from luminescence and their manipulation by the immediate vicinity of the luminophor: Influence of the halflife of the primary excited particle on the intermolecular energy transfer; follow-up processes after the energy transfer: luminescence (fluorescence, phosphorescence, chemoluminescence, elektrochemoluminescence), different types of chemical reactions

Scope: energetics (importance of the intermolecular energy transfer for the accessory pigments in the photosynthetic center, the photosensibilisation of materials within the photovoltaik and the akctive compounds in the photodynamic therapy within the medicine) (higher secondary education)


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