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Photochromism, Solvatochromism, Intelligent Foil

higher secondary education

V1Switching the color of spiropyrane in toluene on and off using light and heat respectively
spiropyrane chameleon in solution
V2Temperature dependence of the reaction speed of the photochemical coloration and the thermal decoloration of the solution (in a photometer if applicable)
V3The color of an irradiated spiropyrane solution (merocyanine) depends on the polarity of the solvent (toluene, acetone, ethanol)
V4Immobilization of spiropyrane in a polystyrene matrix (intelligent foil)
V5Writing, Preserving, Deleting and Rewriting on the intelligent foil
V6Fluorescence and fluorescence quenching on the intelligent foil - photochromism as reversible isomerisation between spiropyrane and merocyanine

Technical Contents: Solvatochromism as result of the interaction of merocyanine molecule with solven molecules of different polarities, energy diagrams of photochemical and thermal reactions, photosteady state and chemical equilibrium

Scope: Relationship: structe - properties, reaction kinetics, energetics, chemical equilibrium; (basic differences between thermal and photochemical reactions, materials containing photoactive molecular switches) (higher secondary education); Information Technologies: binary codes, and molecular logic components


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